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For Your Success

JDB is an extremely powerful trading and research tool backed with millions of data points to provide users a more transparent and profitable way of decentralized trading.

The picture shows a cellphone mockup of the most profitable wallets in the JDB dapp mobile version
The picture shows a cellphone mockup of the scan token page in the JDB dapp mobile version

The Concept

JDB tracks and scans all buy and sell transactions that run via Pancakeswap with the help of a very smart backend. 

Currently, after filtering out scam tokens and stable coins, this is an average of more than 250,000 transactions per day. Every buy and sell is stored and analyzed in our database.

In the future, the tracking will be extended to all relevant EVM blockchains to collect even more data and completely cover the most important blockchains. 

The possibilities to process and construe the data and make it useful are almost infinite.


JDB Coin

  • The JDB coin has a 10% tax, which includes 2% to LP, 4% to Marketing, 4% Development

  • If you buy 100k JDB tokens you get lifetime access to the dApp.

  • Or buy 0.5 BNB or 1 BNB worth of tokens for tier access

  • Our contract name is "Jeet Detector Bot"

TIER SYSTEM_trans.png

Our dApp

  • Scan any token on BSC network for FREE.... ETH coming soon

  • Have access to Most Profitable Wallets, Database, Notifications and more with one of our tier levels

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Jast Data from Blockchain textmark and logo

JDB is a project in constant change, from our past as a meme with utility (Jeet Detector Bot), to our present as a young ambitious tech company, into the future of web3. We are Just Data from blockchain and we work on a daily basis for your success. With key values such as transparency, honesty and a constant drive of innovation we invite you to our journey into the world of data. Explore more about our team and what we do.

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