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A picture of Vecna the founder of JDB

Founder & CEO


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Vecna has been in the crypto space for 8 years and is extremely well connected. He had the idea of JDB in the spring of 2021. Based in Switzerland. KYC and doxxed via

A JDB Logo personalized for the developer Ch33rs
A JDB Logo personalized for the developer K4ng4ru
A JDB Logo personalized for the developer T1g33r

Lead Programmers

CH33RS               K4NG4RU

T1G3R                   sn0w0wl

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Very skilled and experienced software developers who are responsible for the backend and the development of the DApp. They work tirelessly to make the benefits of easy blockchain readability accessible to all. In doing so, you always rely on the latest technology advancements to provide the best possible experience for JDB users.
All four are based in Switzerland.

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A picture of Phil, the marketing Director of Just Data from Blockchain

Marketing Director


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A person with a lot of energy that loves connecting the right people with each other. He takes care of presenting the brand, expanding the network, and attracting the eyes of new investors. Based in Austria.

A picture of Phil, the Video Producer of Just Data from Blockchain

Video Producer


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Incredibly well connected guy. Idea collector and superconnector. Talented video producer creating our YouTube content. Based in Costa Rica.

A picture of Elvis, the graphic designer of JDB

Graphic Designer


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This guy is a multitalent, a TikTok monster, brilliant mod and a smart brain. Amazing graphic designer. Based in Germany.

A picture of crush, the strategic advisor of JDB

Strategic Advisor


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Experienced as a coach and advisor to the gaming and entertainment sectors. Crush is always looking to stay one move ahead of the competition. Based in New Zealand. 

A personalized JDB logo for Jayze the Shill Corporal of JDB



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Meet Jayze, our community engagement specialist from Germany. He is a versatile multitasker who excels in various areas and willingly assists wherever needed. A true gem within the team.

A personalized JDB logo for Face the Twitter Manager of JDB

Twitter Manager


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This man never seems to sleep. Networker and research enthusiast with big brain ideas that knows when to hold’em. Professional poker player. Based in USA.

A personalized JDB logo for Beerclawsky the Reddit Manager of JDB

Reddit Manager


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Great community moderator with astonishing morale and values. Runs our Reddit and loves  to meme and graphic design! Based in USA.

A personalized JDB logo for Jacob the Community Mod of JDB. He has no iPhone at all!

Community Mod


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A master in moderating. Once he is hyped, there is no turning back! Ideas spray out of him like confetti. Based in the UK.

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